The Best of YouTube – Food

I don’t have cable so a lot of my media consumption is limited to Hulu+ and Netflix. Over the past four years of living off the cable contract I have also found a ton of interesting content on YouTube. As a lover of the Food Network and not being able to watch it on a regular basis any longer I needed some addition content to fill the void. Here are my favorite cooking shows/food related shows on Youtube:

Sorted Food

Coming in first Sorted Food is a fantastic channel of British dudes cooking it up. They also love collaborating with other tubers which keeps their channel fresh. They also aren’t all savory or sweet, creating a great mix of both desert and meal based recipes this channels variety of content really sets it apart. Also their posting frequency is high which means you aren’t waiting for a couple of days for them to post something new. They also have a fantastic website with even more recipes!

My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart’s cooking show is more of a comedy romp then a cooking show. None the less Harto’s enjoy Hannah getting drunk and attempting to cook interesting recipes in various kitchens. Collaboration is also heavy on her channel as well, visiting other tuber’s kitchens as well as just having them on her show. You will find yourself quoting her on a regular basis… Which may or may not be a good thing, I hope your friends like puns.

Hilah Cooking

Hilah is a adorable dude-tastic Texas chef with alot of heart. If she had her own show on Food Network she would fit right in. Watching her make and try cocktails for the first time is my favorite. When she makes little mistakes she reminds me of Julia Childs reminding us not to do that at home. Fun and informative Hilah also has a great book, Learn to Cook, with so much information jam packed into it that I think I may need to get it.


A collaborative channel, Tastemade features some of the people that I have already mentioned. Sorted Food and Hilah have shows on Wednesday and Thursday. Shows everyday of the week, this channel is bursting with content.

Epic Meal Time

This is show is not for everyone, I am gonna be honest with you. Bacon is always a factor, swear words are prevalent  This is not the show to watch if you are dieting and want some honest to goodness recipes to use in your day to day. It is the show to watch if you want to feel like you are having a crazy cooking party in your house.


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