A Note to All Doctors.

Dearest Doctor,

When you are poking around, listening to my lungs, you know stuff… If you couldn’t not ask so many questions that after I have answered, you make some ummm, err sounds. Followed by these sounds you ask more questions and make some similar sounds. You know what is even better then these sounds, the faces you make after you make those sounds. The best part is then you follow it up with saying well we are going to order these tests. Then you happen to elude to, but not fully explain, the problems I could be facing. So I leave the office feeling… well I am not quite sure! Am I really sick, or just ‘normal’ sick, or just slightly ill? I have no idea. I am really confused.

Next time, less sounds would help. Now I understand that you can’t really tell me what is going on until you yourself know. But if you could be less elusive and more explanatory that would be fantastic. For in fact it is my body, not yours, we are talking about.


A patient


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