Why S.H.E.I.L.D Needed a Two Hour Pilot

So I finally got around to watching the pilot for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, I know I was being lazy but I was also afraid I was going to hate it. Now I didn’t hate it but I felt stuff was missing. My conclusion, the pilot needed to be two hours and not 43 minutes. “Now AliciaEesh wouldn’t that just make it another Marvel Movie?” Technically yes, but what we were missing was more story set up necessary for the major complaints I have been hearing null and void.


A lot of people have been complaining about how trite and tired the writing was in the pilot. Now I do think a lot of it was to be expected; but look at NCIS, totally trite and completely predicable. Why am I comparing the 11 season running government crime show to S.H.I.E.L.D? Because this is a government/crime show. It seems like you guys want something else, but Whedon said what it was going to be, there were no illusions here. Stop bitching you guys, you know what this was going into it! Now besides the whining about not enough of this or that I do get that the pilot was predicable and trite. I understand that complaint but here is my problem with the pilot, it was trying to set up SO MUCH for the season overall.


Whedon has a history of doing this is TV shows, he sets up stuff for long form story arches. My problem was that this entire pilot was a set up for the next 5 episodes and that left it very unsatisfying for me. I wanted a lot more, I wanted to hear more about Red Tide, I wanted more people to be involved than just Skye. I wanted more about the centipede implant. I wanted more Melinda May. I wanted MORE! Now this is not a problem for the show really, it means I am going to be watching the next episode for sure, I was just overwhelmed with cliffhangers and build up. I felt like there was very little meat to the pilot, just a lot of carbs; a little bit of something but it left me hungry still.


So if this was a two hour season one pilot I think that I would have gotten more of the development that I was hungry for. Furthermore, what happened to those two hour premieres? You made time for those; they got you pumped for a show! With something like this I feel like that kind of length would have been a strength they could have easily played with. This is our respite in between the movies, it needs to give us something to live on until the next film! I will be watching the next episode, and you will here more from me soon. I just need more to really sink my teeth into before I make up my mind.


originally posted on nerdvana webcast: www.nerdvanawebcast.com 


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