The Best Burgers in Seattle – Part Two [Red Mill Burgers]

Okay, firstly my Dicks Drive In article in this run did bring some controversy. I find that to be pretty common when talking food in Seattle. People form pretty solid opinions on food and I don’t blame them! Food is a comfort, a necessity, a keeper of memories; its a lot of things. People in Seattle take this pretty seriously, which I like. I like the opinionated food lover, foodie if you will (though I kind of hate that word), that speaks their mind. If you don’t agree thats fine!

Just remember that this is my quest to find the best burgers in Seattle, with the distinction being that it is my quest. Fully influenced by my tastes, which believe me I know are not everyones! So without further ado…

Red Mill Burgers – That Place GQ Mentioned

that there is a menu

You have probably seen our next place on the travel channel or in a magazine. I knew about Red Mill way before I moved out here… way before. GQ even says this place has one of the 20 burgers you must try before you die. I am not sure I really agree with that statement, maybe I have yet to experienced that burger with them. But I will keep trying until I have that angels singing in the choir experience.

Red Mill is a little flat top burger joint thats name to fame is a mountain of precooked bacon that lies beyond the counter waiting for the next bacon burger to happen. The have as you can see many additional signs tacked on to their menu, as do most good burger joints. The only time in which this place doesn’t really give me that good old burger joint vibe is when I notice their memorabilia¬† area and when they were trying to win some silly hottness contest. I don’t need hot chicks to serve me burgers, I just need a good burger!

I digress, lets talk burger, since that is what we are here for. I often get a cheeseburger with bacon and pickles when I visit Red Mill. There cheeseburger is usually just cheese, mill sauce, and lettuce. Here is my problem with red mill, they seem to have a tasty patty but they tend to over cook it. When you have a patty as thick as theirs it could stand to have a little pink to improve flavor. This is something I have found others often complain about. I mean its good, the mill sauce is a great smoky addition to the flavor of the bacon and the meat. The bacon is often cooked perfectly, crispy and chewy all at the same time. But… something is missing, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something is not quite there for me.

burger and onion rings at the Mill
burger and onion rings at the Mill

I will eat Red Mill, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I crave their mill sauce getting mixed up with that cheese. I hate there is something missing there for me, I really do. I want to have that awe inspiring experience that even Oprah has seem to have had with Red Mill. I really do, maybe my problem is my choice of burger here. They do have other options. Maybe thats my problem. Maybe I will update this article once I find the perfect burger at Red Mill. Maybe being told that it is supposed to be so freaking good by so many people has jaded me though. Maybe its good how it is; well done 1/4 patty, covered in cheese and mill sauce, topped with lettuce, pickles and bacon. It sounds good, when I am eating it, it tastes good. It is entirely possible that GQ has put too much pressure on this girl… I wish I had more to say about it. Just go read their article.

Image Credits: Burger and Onion Rings (Urbanspoon), Menu (

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