Currently I am for hire through Sound Social Media and provide a variety of services:

  • Small Business Consulting – Building your brand and inspiring growth; I start from the bottom and strive to understand your goals and your brand mission. If necessary I will even help you write your mission statement. Understanding your company and your goals is the best way to grow your business.
  • Social Media Courses – In person and telecom courses in how to set up and manage your own social media presence. These courses are a flat fee and are best for most savvy small biz owners.
  • Social Media and Marketing Management – Don’t know how to manage your social media and you don’t want to learn? Hire Sound Social Media to do it for you!
  •  Graphics and Brand Management – Have you never really had a graphics manual for your brand? That can make all the difference as to how you are viewed online.  We can help you figure out what brand image is best for you across all platforms.
  • Social Media and Site Set Up – Want a facebook, an etsy, a website, etc.? Do you not know where to start? Bring us on to help you see it through, we will be your in between to talk to coders and will assist in some html and css coding to make your blog or etsy the best it can be!

Each of these services has a variety of costs and can be negotiable. For a quote fill out this form below:

If you have questions about my articles, would like me to be a guest blogger, would like to quote or re-publish an article fill out the same form above and in the “Interested in” window write blog.